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How much is shipping?
Why dont you have my vehicle listed in your selectors?
What are your business hours?
Where do you ship?
OEM wheels sold by
Why cant you ship to a separate shipping address?
How is my order packaged for shipping?
Do you carry other wheels or tires not listed on your web site?
Do I get wheel nuts, hub rings and valve stems when I order wheels?
Do you offer any kind of wholesale program for dealers?
Can I buy an odd number of wheels (i.e. one, or three)?
How long will it take my order to get to me?
Do you have everything listed on your web site in stock?
Are your prices for a set of four or for one?
Do you match prices?
Do you offer sponsorships?
What is your return policy?


Q: How much is shipping?

A: Shipping costs are calculated upon checkout. We do not mark up shipping and you get to utilize our lower shipping rates!


Q: Why dont you have my vehicle listed in your selectors?

A: We are always adding new vehicles and updating old ones. If there is something you see missing (no earlier than model year 1990), E-mail us at and request a vehicle be added ( if you are just looking for a picture, see the next question below). Sometimes it is because it is a vehicle that is really tough to fit wheels on. In this case we will respond to your E-mail letting you know this is the case, and try to give you some options that will work.


Q: What are your business hours?

A: If you want to talk to us on the phone, we are here from 8:00am until 6:00pm Pacific time Monday to Friday. We are closed on all US holidays.


Q: Where do you ship?

A: We ship anywhere in the lower 48 states for free. (Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico require UPS Expedited shipping. E-mail us for details). The address we ship your order to must be on file with your credit card company. This means if you wish to get your order sent somewhere other than your billing address , you must contact your credit card issuing bank and have them put an alternate ship to address on file . This way we can do our security checks and still ship to your preferred address. We do not ship to P.O. boxes or APO addresses. If you get your credit card billed to a P.O. Box, then you must follow the above procedure for us to be able to ship to your physical address.


Q: Why cant you ship to a separate shipping address?

A: This is for your security to ensure no-one is using your credit card that isnt supposed to be. If someone placed an order with your card, and had the order shipped to their address, you would never know what happened until you got your credit card statement. By having this policy, it protects the legitimate card holders. (See above for an option to this). If you are concerned that you will not be home, this is also not a problem. The carrier will try to deliver the order 3 times. If they can not reach you, they will take the order to their nearest depot where you can pick it up at your convenience.


Q: How is my order packaged for shipping?

A: When you are buying wheels only, we try to use the original boxes. If the original boxes are too damaged for use, we will use another box of the appropriate size. We then line the box with an extra layer of cardboard to protect the rim. The rim itself is also wrapped in a plastic bag, has a cloth cover, or a foam sheet over the face to protect it from cardboard chafing. If you are buying wheels and tires, the tires are mounted on to the rims and high speed balanced. There is a sheet of foam placed over the wheels face, and then two layers of cardboard. A single layer of cardboard is put on the back of the wheel and the entire assembly is held together with 4 polypropylene straps. Hardware is sealed in its own small box and securely attached to a strip of cardboard inside one of the wheel / tire assemblies. Tires are shipped as-is, with just the shipping labels attached to them.


Q: Do you carry other wheels or tires not listed on your web site?

A: The brands listed on the web page are what we mainly deal with. If there is a model missing in one of these brands, we can usually get it and you are welcome to E-mail us and ask for information about it. As for brands not listed, we prefer not to do special orders. In the odd case that we do a special order, the items are not returnable for any reason.


Q: Do I get wheel nuts, hub rings, and valve stems when I order wheels?

A: As long as you buy wheels and tires at the same time for the same vehicle, we include the mount and computer wheel balance of the tires, along with the installation kit for no charge. It does not have to be one of our pre-set packages.. This kit includes wheel nuts (or bolts), valve stems (installed with tires) , and hub centering rings (when necessary and available). This can be a savings of up to $200. With this, when you receive your package you can just bolt on your wheels and tires, and enjoy them.

If you buy wheels only, they are shipped only with the center caps (if applicable). You have the option of purchasing the installation kit for an extra cost.


Q: Do you offer any kind of wholesale program for dealers?

A: At this time we do not offer any kind of “credit account” program or special pricing for wheel and tire dealers. We do have programs for automotive dealerships. If interested please feel free to call us at (866) 352-2597 or email us at


Q: Can I buy an odd number of wheels (i.e. one, or three)?

A: We really only can sell sets of four. At times we can make exceptions and sell an odd number, but it will be levied with a service charge of $99.00 U.S. Funds. If you are concerned, E-mail us at before placing your order and we can tell you if it can be done or not. This only applies to wheels. You can order tires as many as you need. There are no additional charges to order odd number of tires. Currently all wheels listed on are priced in sets of four.


Q: How long will it take my order to get to me?

A: Within the U.S.A. it is 4-10 business days. This can all be affected by holidays in either country and other factors, so if you are concerned about shipping time, please e-mail us for an estimate at or call us at (866) 352-2597.


Q: Do you have everything listed on your web site in stock?

A: No, but we do carry a large inventory. Also when we dont have stock we can get most products from local warehouses within a day or two. Sometimes items are totally sold out and we cant get them for some time . This is obviously beyond our control and we will contact you via E-mail to let you know and give you the option of waiting or canceling the order.


Q: Are your prices for a set of four or for one?

A: Unless otherwise noted, our prices are “per set of four tires” or “per set of four wheels”or “per package our packages include four wheels, four tires, lugs and locks as well as mounting and balancing!;


Q: Do you match prices?

A: We are willing to match prices so long as the product(s) being compared are exactly the same as what we are offering and it can be verified by a member of our staff.


Q: Do you offer sponsorships?

A: We do not offer an sponsorships at all.


Q: What is your return policy?

Our Fitment Guarantee:*
When you purchase wheels or a tire and wheel package from us, your order will be double-checked to make sure that the package will fit your vehicle properly. If package doesn’t fit when you get it, we will promptly send a replacement or issue you a full refund.

Order Cancellation Policy:*
Order cancellations must be submitted the same day that the order is placed to avoid order cancellation fees. Orders cancelled after the date the order was placed are subject to a fee of 5% of the total to cover credit card processing fees. If the product(s) have been ordered from our suppliers or have been shipped, your order is subject to all freight and handling charges plus a 25% restocking fee.

Damaged Items:*
Upon delivery, please inspect all packages for damage. If you receive a damaged item, make a note of the damage on the shippers receipt, notify the shipping company and file a damage claim form. If necessary, we can assist in this process. Please notify us promptly so we can send you a replacement. Claims must be made within 5 days of receipt.

30-Day Return Policy:*
All returned merchandise must be in new condition. All returns or cancelled orders are subject to all freight and handling charges plus a 25% restocking or cancellation fee. Wheels must be fit checked on the vehicle before mounting tires on them. Mounted wheels are not returnable. Wheels that were shipped with tires mounted on them must have not been installed on the vehicle. All merchandise must be properly packaged for shipping.

* We are not able to give credit on merchandise which has been damaged during return shipping due to improper packaging. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the wheels are packaged correctly and protected from being damaged.

* We can not accept returns of special order wheels or used items.

* A 25% restocking fee will be applied if the order was cancelled after your product(s) have been ordered from the manufacturer.

* Our 30-day return policy is not applicable to special orders, such as custom made, custom machined or custom painted wheels. Used items may not be returned unless defective.

Please contact us at (866)352-2579 to get an RGA (Returned Goods Authorization) number, packaging and shipping instructions. Items returned without authorization may be refused and returned freight collect.